ERP system proALPHA®

Philosophy of the ERP (Enterprise Ressource Planning) system proALPHA® was from the beginning based on requirements from the SME (Small Mediun Enterprises) segment. Based on these requirements, the system was developed as an complex and highly configurable standard solution which covers  as good as all tasks and processes in the target segment.

Enterprise solution proALPHA® comprises not only standard ERP functions like complex logistics support (whole production including APS – Advanced Planning and Scheduling, support of mobile devices for reporting of production and logistics data, Procurement, stock control and Sales), financial accounting and controlling but also supports its users in areas like CRM (Customer Relationship Management) or DMS (Document Management System)

proALPHA® is an active enterprise solution. ‚Active software‘ contains an advanced WorkflowAutomation feature which intelligently supports users as they perform their respective tasks. In addition to the comprehensive functional modules, proALPHA® also contains many high performance basic services (like EDI communication), which support both the user and the technical administrators.

proALPHA® is a modular system. All modules are developed in coordination and together from ‚one source‘ by the producer which is the company proALPHA Software GmbH. Thanks to this approach, the result is homogenous, higly integrated system where all data flow seamlessly through all processes without the necessity for redundant process steps or data entry. The customer can select from a broad range of modules to suit current situation of the company as well as to prepare it for the future. The system uses the newest technologies and thanks to strict adherence to global standards and supliers, it assures long-term and high level of protection of investment into the core information system of the company.

Since 2002 our company works as the official representation and exclusive partner of the proALPHA Software GmbH on the czech and slovak market.

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