System integration

The System integration is based on long-term relation with the customer in the area of coordination of his IT activities. The aim of the cooperation is to design and build an effective and reliable information system which will support as good as all relevant processes in the company. Our independent position in regard of available platforms and solutions on the market allows us to objectively propose a solution which is optimal for the customer.

From the customer point of view, the system integration delivers added value in following areas:

  • Effectivity boost in IT
  • Reduction of running costs
  • Increase of security of the system
  • Assuring of further development of the system

Strategy of IT

Our consultants are ready to help our customers with the definition of strategic direction of further IT development. Defined direction is than elaborated into particular IT areas and corresponding projects for particular targets. Our activity in this field involve selection of apropriate subcontractors for selected projects as well.

IT project management

Team of our experienced projet managers is able to either lead an particular projects or do an coordination of such projects between each other with the aim of reaching the required functionality within optimal use of available ressources. Integral part of theese activities is maintenance of current project documentation. Obviously, our project managers are able to support projects abroad as well.

IT infrastructure management

Our engineers are able to administer your IT infrastructure built on Linux and/or MS Windows. As a MS Silver Partner, we have access to the newest Microsoft technologies. Our coleagues with MS Proffessional certification are able to help with maintenance or expansion of your IT infrastructure, including user support. Projects could be done either on the cloud infrastructure of the customer or on our own one.

Independent testing of software

As a system integrator, we offer services in selection, implementation and maintenance of information systems. Our independent team of experts is ready to verify the state of delivery/implementation of your information system or application, propose necessary steps for optimalization of the solution and oversee their realization.