Individual solution

One of our core competencies are development services with high added value for customers who did not find a standard solution of their needs. For such customers, we offer the whole product development cycle of a custom solution. During our more than 20 years of history, we gathered significant experiences with solution of specific requirements and needs of key european enterprises.


ISAH is an abbreviation for Informtion System Anton Häring (Anton Häring KG, Werk für Präzisionstechnik). The company employs more than 2.500 employees in its facilities in Germany, Poland and China. The production comprises mainly of precise rotoation workpieces for automotive industry. Our cooperation with the company dates from 1995. ISAH is an complex ERP solution which was fully developed by our firm according to specific needs and which supports extraordinary requirements in the quality control of the bulk-production. The system covers not only the common ERP processes but also contains modules for detailed reporting of production up to the machine-level, attendance system including canteen logistics and maintenance of beverage machines. All modules work with dual-band RFID readers.


Standard system for support of export/import and forwarding processes. The system targets German market and is certified for direct electronic communication with German customs. The system currently runs with interfaces to several ERP systems at more than 100 German companies.


Specialized application for service engineers of the german company EOS München who are responsible for the worldwide maintenance of laser sintering machines. The application allows the technicans to accept an maintenance order from central ERP system, to process it on a given geographic location and prepare customer reports about the maintenance scope done. Further, the application supports the engineers by reporting of work done and consumed material back into the central ERP system.


For the department MA48 of the Vienna municipality we did an application for scheduling and evaluation of routes for waste collection for the city of Vienna. Further, there is a module for control of gates to the Vienna’s waste sorting plant and residual waste dump.

Elektronic cataolg of goods for the company SMC

The company SMC is worldwide #1 in automation of industrial pneumatic systems. For the SMC branches in the Czech Republic and Austria, we delivered an interactive electronic catalog of goods. As a part of the catalog, there is an graphical designer of pneumatic circuits as well.


For the company Neckermann Versand AG in Frankfurt/Main, we contributed to the developent of control system for the department of maintenance responsible for operation and maintenance of a complex system of packaging lines of the Neckermann e-shop.

TÜV Order processing system

For the Headquarters of the company TÜV Süddeutschland, we delivered custom system for accepting, registration and processing of certification orders. The system was installed on all subsidiaries of the company accross whole southern Germany.

TÜV Certification of elevators – gathering and analysis of testing data

Result of this project for the company TÜV Süddeutschland is a highly specific system for data collection from sensors in elevators. Evaluation of gathered data serves further in the elevator certification process.